My Fair Lady at Orpheum Theater San Francisco

My Fair Lady Tickets

Orpheum Theater San Francisco | San Francisco, California

If you’re looking for bright ideas to escape the routine and spend an amazing Saturday evening out with your close ones – here’s one idea. One of the most iconic and world-heralded musical performances of all time will team up with the most illustrious musical theatre in San Francisco (and across California as well) on Saturday 20th November 2021. That’s right – My Fair Lady will honor the stage of Orpheum Theatre San Francisco to treat the patrons with an incredible musical delight! Critics and enthusiasts in the know state that the performance is “one of the best musicals of the century”, and you’re just a click-away from seeing it live! Treat yourself or your close ones with this breath-taking musical journey by securing your seats today – tomorrow might be too late!

My Fair Lady at Orpheum Theatre San Francisco

My Fair Lady, the classic musical from way back in 1950, revitalized, revamped and better than ever before, coming to you only at the magnificent Orpheum Theatre San Francisco in San Francisco on the Saturday 20th November 2021. My Fair Lady tells the story of Eliza Doolittle, a young Cockney flower seller, and Henry Higgins, a linguistics Professor who is determined to make her over her into his idea of a “proper lady.” Come with us to Orpheum Theatre San Francisco for London cockney journey back in time to the roaring 1920s, come and explore the world-famous London Covent Garden flower market, with street hawkers slinging their wares and market stalls peddling their speedy fixes, a time when gentlemen were real men, with top hats and pocket watches. The story goes… While taking a turn around the London Covent Garden market with his friend, Professor Higgins entered into a friendly wager, over whether or not he could transform one of the ill-fated cockney flowers selling girls, Elisa to be explicit. From a bad-mouthed street trader into what he thought to be a “perfect lady”. The final test would be in six months when he would present young Eliza to the London socialites at the Embassy Ball. Buy your tickets now to My Fair Lady only at the Orpheum Theatre San Francisco now!

My Fair Lady at Orpheum Theatre San Francisco

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