The Book of Mormon at Orpheum Theater San Francisco

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Orpheum Theater San Francisco | San Francisco, California

Do you adore the exciting world of live theater? Well if so, get ready because The Book of Mormon is set to have another live appearance on Thursday 25th May 2023 at the iconic Orpheum Theatre. The musical follows two Mormon missionaries, Kevin Price and Arnold Cunningham, who get sent to a remote village in Uganda to spread the word of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The two youthful Mormons find their mission rather difficult, however, as the villagers are more worried about the various pressing problems they face, including famine, AIDS, and oppression. You’ll have to see for yourself whether Elder Price and Elder Cunningham's mission proves successful. This show is set to be one of the ultimate shows of 2023, with all previous appearances receiving awe-inspiring reviews. Tickets for The Book of Mormon in San Francisco are on sale now. Get yours here by clicking the Buy Ticket button.

The Book of Mormon at Orpheum Theatre San Francisco

God’s Favourite musical! The Book of Mormon coming to you at Orpheum Theatre, vulgar, blasphemous, juvenile, unrelenting, and quite possibly the funniest musical ever. Brought to you by the creators of South Park. The book of Mormon will have you crying with laughter, join two Mormon missionaries as they dive into the deep dark heart of Africa to a distant village in Uganda and are immediately robbed by soldiers of a local warlord, General Butt-Fucking Naked. The devout, missionary-to-be Elder Kevin Price and the insecure and compulsive liar Elder Arnold Cunningham determined to succeed where previous missionaries have failed will weave you and the villagers a bizzare tale combining Joseph Smith scripture with outlandish science fiction and fantasy. But how will they be able to save the village when the murderous General comes for his mutilated female genitals? This is a story of faith, lost and found again, of how two small missionaries can use the great power of Star Wars and a small green HIV curing frog to overcome the evil General, will Price and Cunningham be able to save the village or are they all doomed? Get your tickets and come and watch The Book of Mormon at Orpheum Theatre to find out!

The Book of Mormon at Orpheum Theatre San Francisco

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